Aromas from Awadh in Mumbai

By Sharmila Chand

There are three reasons why I like to visit Kangan restaurant tucked on the 18th floor of The Westin Mumbai Garden City, again and again. Firstly, it has a great view overlooking the city, and the impressive hills of Powai and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The other reason is, of course, the food. We would talk about the third reason later…

An Engaging Dining Experience 

As I enter the beautifully done up space with cheerful colours, radiated through the subtle glow of candles, I get a whiff of the mouth-watering aromas of Indian spices. No wonder, here the strict norm is to make all spice mixes in-house. The highlight of the food at Kangan is traditional Northwest-Frontier and Awadhi cuisine.

Kangan offers delectable and aromatic platters to entice and encourage family style dining. Kangan can seat 118, including 6 booth style niches and two private dining rooms for 14 and 8 persons. 

At Kangan, the inviting private dining rooms, interactive show kitchens and live clay oven or Tandoor cooking together bring a truly engaging dining experience. 

Kangan is a distinctly contemporary take on Indian cuisine and its offerings can appeal to the global palates. Chef Mohammed Danish, Chef de Cuisine, uses his inimitable style to recreate erstwhile Awadh recipes with perfection, with a focus on authentic ingredients and regional cooking styles. 

“At Kangan, Chef Danish weaves a soulful culinary experience with his expertise on authentic Awadh flavours, through delicious kebabs and curries and more. The live bangle (kangan) maker, a 3rd generation artisan, who preserves lac bangle making as an art, is very popular with our guests too,” said Rahul Dhavle, Executive Chef, The Westin Mumbai Garden City, when I visited Kangan the last time, in the recent past.

“If I had to talk about the hallmarks of Kangan’s cuisine in three words, it would be succulent kebabs, biryani and curries. Situated on the 18th floor, it offers diners panoramic vistas of the Mumbai skyline and has a contemporary ambience that ensures a memorable dining experience,” asserted Rahul Dhavle.

Gastronomic Highlights at Kangan 

Some of the out-of-the-world signature dishes of the restaurant are given below:

Badami Aloo (Vegetarian) — The dish comprises dry fruit filled baby potatoes in almond gravy. The potatoes are parboiled and then fried in mustard oil. The distinct essence of the almonds imparts richness to the dish. The delectable dish has smooth and nutty gravy. 
Kormey Ki Chaap (Non-Vegetarian) — The dish comprises baby lamb chops marinated with cashew nuts, garlic and korma spices. Considered as Chef Danish’s innovation, this dish is a rare combination of meticulous meat selection and hidden spices f r o m the region of Awadh, which are grounded in-house to reduce the heaviness of the food.

Martaban Ka Lahori Gosht (Non-Vegetarian) —This slow-cooked lamb curry simmered in Lahori spices is traditionally served in Martaban pots (earthen pots) to bring out the flavour. The lamb is tender, fall-off-the-bone, and truly enjoyable with piping hot churchur naan or just as it is. 

“Our signature Dal Kangan is one of the most sought after dishes as well,” affirmed Rahul Dhavle.
Shahi Tukra is a signature dessert of the restaurant. This warm bread butter pudding accompanied with Afghan apricots, is stewed in saffron and sugar, and served with rabri. This is a classical dessert f r o m Awadh. This dessert is complemented with a generous touch of reduced rabri milk.

Looking for a signature drink now? Try Kangan Mojito, which is the classic mojito with a twist of green apple, a dash of Bacardi & dark rum, and with infusion of freshly squeezed lime and mint juice.

The lovers of alcoholic beverages can enjoy world class single malts while the music helps stimulate your taste buds. An extensive wine list featuring an array of local and new world wines, and innovative concoctions of cocktails specially crafted to complement and enhance the robust Indian flavours, can contribute to a heady evening at Kangan, while celebrating the restaurant’s enticing culinary journey.

Showcasing Art 

There is a third good reason for me to visit Kangan.  Here I also get to experience first-hand the art of kangan (bangle) making by an expert kangan artisan, the third of his generation. On my visits to Kangan, I also take home customised bangles and feel good about helping in sustaining the dwindling art form. 
To sum up, modern, stylish and elegantly understated with a dash of traditional touch, Kangan presents one of the captivating reflections of the diversified culinary culture of post-modern India.

Timings – 19:00hrs – 23:45hrs
Kangan, The Westin Mumbai Garden City

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