Soul Stirring Seafood
India’s coastal areas are known for their serene beaches and sumptuous seafood. Seafood, for an Indian connoisseur of food, does not comprise only of fish – though we have some exotic species – but of various other crustaceans like crabs, lobsters, prawns, etc. Compared to ... Read More
Feb-Mar 2019
Improve your business with Elegant Dinnerware
Tableware plays an important role in a dining experience. For an F&B outlet to succeed it is important to set the mood for an exhilarating dining experience, which can be ensured by an attra... Read More
It is Time to Eat Your Spoon!
Today, going green is not an option but should be perceived as a compulsion by individuals, societies and businesses. Our food service and food retail businesses too should proactively becom... Read More
A Sweet Date with Health
Date is a healthy and tasty fruit, which can enrich our day-to-day diet and can add more sweetness and health to our eating out adventures. One cannot be certain about the geography of its o... Read More
Carbohydrates: The Quintessential Energy Source
Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are macronutrients and are needed in large amounts in our body. Vitamins and minerals form the micronutrients and are required in small amounts by our body. ... Read More
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