Finding the Right Match
The right combination of the food and drink can give you that ethereal feel. That is the reason why one must take a few moments to think about which drink will go with the food that is being consumed and vice versa.... Read More
Aug - Sept 17
For Successful Banquets
These days F&B is an important revenue earning segment of the Indian hospitality industry. An important sub-segment of F&B, especially in large sized hotels, is banqueting. Banqueting in hot... Read More
The Recipes for Safe Food
From having the right equipment and sinks in the kitchen to preventing pest infestation and washing the ingredients in the right manner, maintaining hygiene in the kitchen and offering food ... Read More
When Personality is the Theme
The Indian restaurant business is complex, nuanced, challenging and interesting. The Indian food service business these days is not only hopping from one exciting trend to another, but is al... Read More
The Aromas from the Valley
Kashmir is not only known for its breathtaking scenery but also for its mouthwatering cuisine. Kashmiri cuisine stands apart in its taste as well as in its presentation.... Read More
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