Buffets:Encouraging Appetites
Buffets have become an attractive force for the millenials as well as those who want to savour variety of dishes and want to pick and choose after having a look at the dishes. As the saying goes: you eat with your eyes first! So the lavish spread set out in front of you allows yo... Read More
Dec-Jan 2019
Protein: The Quintessential Nutrient
Protein is an essential macronutrient for humans. They are required for growth and maintenance. They are the fundamental building blocks of muscles, bone, cartilage, skin, hair, and cellular... Read More
Eco-friendly Food Packaging
Eco-packaging has been a major issue with the foodservice industry. With environment conservation acquiring new dimensions since the last few years, biodegradable packaging has gain more imp... Read More
The Fruit for All Seasons
Banana is one of the most common edible fruits found and eaten by all and sundry, and it has amazingly wide applications for the food & beverage industry. However, I wonder whether many amon... Read More
Choco Evolution in India
Till few years back chocolate products in India were primarily meant for the consumption of children. Since the mid ‘90s, chocolates began to get popularity among the adult population in u... Read More
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