Activated Charcoal Now Active in India
Activated charcoal, which has become popular in several countries around the globe, is now making inroads in India’s food & beverage sector. It is being increasingly used as a key ingredient across restaurants and bars, in several cities. ... Read More
Oct-Nov 2018
C&H Needed to Satiate Diners
When a diner enters a restaurant often the first thing that she/he notices is the ambience and cleanliness of the place. A cockroach scuttling across the floor, or the tables and the surroun... Read More
Breaking Fast in Post-Modern India
The role of breakfast in our daily routine cannot be overstated. It is perhaps the most important of all meals; a hearty breakfast can greatly facilitate to give a good and cheerful start to... Read More
The Fruit with Benefits
Papaya is the fruit of the plant of the same name. The plant is also known as Carica papaya. The papaya plant comes in three sexes. According to Wikipedia, the male papaya plant produces onl... Read More
Aromas from Awadh in Mumbai
There are three reasons why I like to visit Kangan restaurant tucked on the 18th floor of The Westin Mumbai Garden City, again and again. Firstly, it has a great view overlooking the city, a... Read More