Timeless Tastes of Indian Cuisine
Indian cuisine is not a homogenous entity. It has a wide variety of cuisines within its ambit. The wide ranging Indian cuisine, which encompasses a vast range of dishes, largely due to India’s rich history, and awesome geographical and cultural diversity, are marked by crea... Read More
Apr-May 2018
India is Loving Healthy Dining
Nowadays, it seems that to make any business to succeed one must be aware of the trends surrounding its realm. This is more crucial for the F&B industry. One has to be constantly on one’s ... Read More
Flowers in the Dish
Edible flowers can be described as the flowers which can be consumed by human beings safely. Some examples of edible flowers are rose, pansy, banana flower, thyme, violet and sunflower. Edi... Read More
The Wafting Aroma from Japan
Japanese cuisine represents gastronomical delights with a bountiful of regional and seasonal fresh preparations. It is a well-known fact that the Japanese believe in preparing dishe... Read More
The Milky Way to Success
India is not only the largest milk producing country in the world but also happens to be the largest producer and consumer of dairy. According to a report from Research and Markets, titled ... Read More
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