Evolution of Fusion Cuisine
Though purists may criticize fusion food for compromising traditions there is little doubt that it is ubiquitous all over the globe. Fusion cuisine is not only becoming a rage in restaurant storefronts, but also in food trucks. It is noted that some classic foods are also joining... Read More
Apr-May 2019
A Challenging Task
Foodservice industry figures show that dining out is becoming popular and, year-on-year the frequency of diners opting for eating out has been increasing. This has resulted in several entrep... Read More
Eating Out with Social Media
It may sound somewhat clichéd that we are going through digital age, but like many cliched statements it also happens to be true. And like many other facets or verticals of digital media, s... Read More
Trendy Concepts
It is a commonly known fact that burgers, pizzas and sandwiches are popular across several pockets of urban India. The significant increase in disposable incomes in select but sizeable pocke... Read More
Potential of Probiotics
People around the world are now paying closer attention to the nutritional profile of foods, including the composition of their ingredients. This has put additional pressure on regional, nat... Read More
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