Raising a Toast to Whisky
These days, alcoholic drinks are fast losing their taboo from India’s society. They feature prominently across parties. But among the alcoholic beverages, Indians have a special love for whisky. ... Read More
June-July 2018
The Promising Market of Superfoods
High nutrient superfoods like quinoa, chia, amaranth and avocado, which were available in retail chains like Walmart in the US, Canada and other foreign countries, are now finding sp... Read More
Need to Tackle Food Wastage
Food wastage is a much more than a serious global problem. It is a slap on humanity; a colossal human tragedy. According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations), roughly... Read More
Potential Market of Ethnic Beverages
The long Indian sizzling summer is in full swing and cool beverages are a delightful means to bring a refreshing element to the scorching and sweaty summers. They can give some relief from t... Read More
Spicy and Sumptuous Tastes from Mexico
Vibrant, delicious, colourful, spicy, Mexican cuisine is all of these and a lot more. It indeed has lot of chutzpah as it comes laden with an amazing array of chilies; both fresh and dried. ... Read More
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