Regional Cuisine
India is a country with diversity of cuisine that is difficult to find in any other country. Indian cuisine from different regions is considered to be one of the tastiest and subtlest. There is no homogeneity of flavour and taste between cuisines from the North and South or betwe... Read More
Aug-Sep 2019
Processed Food Industry: Set for a leap forward
Food is essential for all living beings and livelihood of many. Food is no longer related only to agriculture and farmers. Today, processed food industry is offering opportunity to various e... Read More
How to Ensure The New Menu Is a Success!
A new menu is considered an excellent way to get the visibility and break the monotony. No wonder, chefs are always thinking about introducing new dishes in their menu several times througho... Read More
Red, Sweet and Juicy
Strawberry is a red, juicy and luscious fruit, grown on strawberry plant. It has several F&B applications. Though in popular perception strawberry is being thought of as a berry, but it is n... Read More
Foods of Israel
Located in the Middle East and on the Mediterranean, Israel has multiple climates that are home to variety of plants and animals. The country’s diverse terroir spans from the coastal Medit... Read More
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