Rise of Vegetarianism
Vegans around the world commemorated the creation of the “V” word in November. World Vegan Day was launched on Nov 1, 1994. The day begins the World Vegan Month. Vegetarianism is becoming popular globally. The younger generation has, in recent years, embraced plant-based food... Read More
Dec-Jan 2020
Interior Design - Key to Success
Today, a person goes to a restaurant not merely to satiate his appetite but also for its ambience. A restaurant is no more about the cuisines and the chefs but also about its atmosphere and ... Read More
Food Trends of 2020
In an age when the diner is very conscious of the food he consumes, the ingredients being used and the preparation methods in restaurant kitchens, the chefs’ focus will be on Healthier Foo... Read More
The Delicious Syrup of Substance
Maple syrup is definitely a product of Mother Nature and it has a very unique profile. It is a syrup, which is generally prepared from the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple, or black maple... Read More
Growing Love for Wines
Changing tastes of Indians in their drinking preferences has resulted in changing fortunes of the Indian wine industry. The indigenous wine industry is seeing a constant growth in demand in ... Read More